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    How do I register?

    To register on VIANYA, you need to have the Tax id and a reference invoice *(if you have bought anything from us, from any trade show) along with your personal details.

Order Cancellations

Minimum Order Amount


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    How come the item I have received is smaller than what is shown in the picture?

    We enlarge the picture of our jewelry, so that our customer can have a better view on the jewelry design and stone shape and pattern. We do provide size for most of our jewelry, please read it carefully

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    Why is the stone color little different from the picture?

    All jewelry photos are taken by professional photographers. They use many photo equipment like Flash, Day Light etc. Some of the stone color might have effected a little. (Example: A Larimar stone is blue in color, under the flash and lights it might affect the color a little and it shows little light blue instead of dark blue.) If you bring the jewelry outside under the sunshine you will see the same piece showing under the day light.

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    How long does it take to receive my order?

    It normally takes 7 to 10 days to receive an order, if it is in stock.
    *if your product is not in stock then additional 7days are required.

Payment Methods

Shipping Policy

Custom Orders

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    Do we make custom orders?

    Yes, we do take custom orders. There is a form on our website where you can upload your details and requirements. After reviewing your requirements an itinerary will be send

    You will receive your order within 21days

    If you provide us the raw materials then, it will take 21 days + 2 days verification + time taken in the delivery process of the raw materials.

    Custom orders once processed, cannot be returned or cancelled. 



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